Oxishield Algae & Mold Barrier, 1 Gal

Buy Oxishield Algae & Mold Barrier, 1 Gal (Oxibrands, LLC Painting Supplies,Home & Garden, Home Improvement, Categories, Painting Tools & Supplies, Paint Stain & Solvents)
Oxishield Algae & Mold Barrier, 1 Gal
Environmentally safe, pH balanced liquid treatment creates a long term algae and mold barrier. Active ingredient OxiShield uses nanotechnology to create a photocatalytic surface. Contains nano-sized ultraviolet reactive particles that continually react with the sun’s direct or indirect rays creating a photocatalytic reaction that products hydrogen peroxide, which prevents new algae and mold from growing. Protects roofs, wood fencing – decks, docks, pavers, brick, concrete and stucco. Designed to work with OxiOut Algae and Mold Remover (sold separately).
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