Mtl Adh Sprd 1/16-sq

Buy Mtl Adh Sprd 1/16-sq (Red Devil Painting Supplies,Home & Garden, Home Improvement, Categories, Painting Tools & Supplies, Removers, Scrapers)
Mtl Adh Sprd 1/16-sq
* 6″ with 3/8″ notched spreaders * Use to apply all types of adhesives quickly and evenly * 2947/A1: 1/16″, square notch, for rubber, plastic, floor tile and linoleum * 2947/A2: 1/16″, U notch, for vinyl floor covering and light gauge vinyl floor tile * 2947/A7: 3/32″, U notch, for linoleum, asphalt floorings and mosaic tile * 2947/C1: 7/32″, V notch, for mortar set metal and ceramic wall tile and wall board
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